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"My daughters and I have always been greeted with a smile and caring, compassionate people. There is a sign above the door that reads: ‘Because Nice Matters.’ And I truly believe that is the philosophy of Litchfield County Orthodontics. Once you walk into the office, you get the sense of being welcomed into their office.
“Not only have my two children received excellent treatment from Litchfield County Orthodontics, but I have also received treatment myself as an adult. Truly, there is not enough that I can say about how wonderful this office is. When I visit the office, I do not feel like just another patient being shuffled through the office, there is a sense of caring and compassion. It is always a bright, cheerful environment.
“Personally, having had braces several years ago (from a different orthodontist), with undesirable results, I know how far above and beyond Litchfield County Orthodontics goes. They really want me to be satisfied with the final results. I am truly thankful for the kindness, dedication, and attention to detail that they have shown to my family and the confidence they’ve given my daughter through her beautiful smile."

Kim Marchand

“We could not be happier with the orthodontic experience. We initially were concerned because Gabriella was fifteen and it might be too late for some of the orthodontic treatment. We were never made to feel like we waited too long. From the moment we walked through the doors we were so comfortable there. The staff are truly warm and welcoming. They are professional and respectful of patient privacy. No matter what treatment is done they make sure it is comfortable and remind us that someone is always available if discomfort arises. We could not ask for a better experience. Gabby feels important at Litchfield County Orthodontics and looks forward to her visits. What more could a mother ask for? Thank you.”

Sincerely, Melanie Catania

“The doctors and staff at Litchfield County Orthodontics treated all three of our children, and we couldn’t be happier with the results! It was a big commitment for our family, as far as cost and time, but from the beginning we liked the way advice was given and each kid’s unique needs were handled. From our initial consultations when treatment plans were outlined to us and our kids, through the professional and friendly care they received every time we went to the office, Litchfield County Orthodontics made good on their promise of creating smiles.”

Melissa Robinson

“ ‘This retainer ... it fits perfectly. It’s beautiful!’ My eleven-year-old son raves about his newest aid to keep the teeth in place. Thanks to Litchfield County Orthodontics, he already has a beautiful smile. I can highly recommend Litchfield County Orthodontics. It is a terrific place where the staff is welcoming, kind, helpful, and always ready to have a good laugh. Children are treated like royalty.”
Karen A. Ritzenhoff, Ph.D., Northfield

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